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Single dental implants are tooth-like in their ability to imitate the function and aesthetic of a real tooth.

They’re a premium solution for replacing one or two gaps in your teeth, and we highly recommend them to patients seeking the most long-term and preservative mode of treatment.

Why Our Patients Love Single Implants

Implants are the only tooth replacement treatment that are surgically anchored into the jawbone. This surgical process induces a healing period, during which the jawbone and tissue grow around the implant, so they become integrated with your jaw in the same way a natural tooth root is.

The benefits include:

  • They protect your jawbone from deteriorating.
  • They’re made of biocompatible titanium.
  • We create bespoke crowns to fit over the top.
  • They become like a real part of your mouth and jaw anatomy.

Preserving Your Jawbone and Emotional Wellbeing

Implants support jawbone preservation, as they’re set within the jawbone. This prevents unwelcome aesthetic changes to the structure of the lower third of the face, which can become angulated as a result of jawbone loss.

In preserving the shape of your jaw and face, you can feel confident not just about your smile, but about your face’s overall appearance too.

Enjoy Full Chewing Ability Again

If you’ve been without a tooth for a while, you might have noticed how debilitating this has become when you chew foods, especially tougher foods like steak, baguettes, and sticky foods like toffees and caramels – perhaps you avoid chewing on one side of your mouth altogether. Replacing even just a single tooth can rebalance the chewing pressure in your mouth, which will stop tooth wear in the future, and make eating an enjoyable experience again.

Partnering With Pioneering Implant Brand Straumann

The Straumann brand is iconic in the world of dental implants, and supported by years of research and leading clinics, universities, and research establishments. Swiss innovation is the foundation of the brand. We’re extremely proud to partner with a brand who have meticulously tried and tested their products, and who have led by example since their inception in 1954.

Nick Baker – Experienced Sedation Dentist at NB Dental

Nick Baker is one of the few trained and experienced sedation dentists in the Alton area. Not all practices offer sedation – we are proud to be a trusted dental practice offering this indispensable service. IV (intravenous) sedation is the most potent form of sedation, working within a matter of seconds to help you relax during your oral surgery.

Read more about IV sedation here.

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