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A phobia of the dentist doesn’t have to be a blockade to getting the treatment you need any longer.

With intravenous (IV) sedation, feelings of anxiety and nervousness will quickly disappear, allowing you to feel completely relaxed during your time in the chair. Principal Dentist Nick Baker is an experienced sedation dentist who has performed IV sedation hundreds of times for patients during his career.

Why Nervous Patients Can Benefit From Sedation

IV sedation is a mode of sedation administeredd into the vein using a small needle on the back of the hand. Within seconds, the Midazolam sedative starts to take effect, and you will be fully awake and able to communicate with the dentist throughout the procedure. However, any feelings of fear or nervousness will have completely subsided.

The benefits include:

  • Helps extremely nervous patients relax for a given procedure.
  • Makes you unaware of the fear you may have of needles and drilling.
  • Can be used with every dental procedure.
  • Can reinvent your attitude to visiting the dentist.
  • Reduces involuntary movements.
  • Has amnesic effects – you may not fully remember the procedure.

Will I Always Need Sedation in The Future?

We see a lot of patients who have sedation just once, having realised that their fear was related to a negative past experience with the dentist (which is the most common reason for dental anxiety). Once they experience the help and support of a compassionate and kind team, many patients find sedation is no longer something they need to supress their fears.

Who Else Can Benefit From Sedation?

We recommend sedation if you are undergoing a lengthy of complex dental procedure, such as oral surgery to place dental implants, for example. If you’re someone who has a sensitive gag reflex, sedation is effective at relaxing you so that you don’t gag, which can make it harder for the dentist to perform your treatment.

Experienced Sedation Dentist

Nick Baker is one of the few trained and experienced sedation dentists in the Alton area. Not all practices offer sedation – we are proud to be a trusted dental practice offering this indispensable service.

Nick is a Dental Phobia certified dentist. Click here to verify Nick’s certification.


How Much is Dental Sedation?

To view the cost of Dental Sedation, please take a look at our fee list.

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