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Gaps and alignment problems with your teeth can be enough to stop you smiling as much as you might like.

With SureSmile® aligners, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted, without having to wear a metal brace, or any uncomfortable brace hardware. What’s more, the aligners are subtle, so no-one need even know you’re having your teeth straightened.

Pioneered By Orthodontists

The technology underpinning SureSmile® is pioneered by orthodontists and backed by 20 years of expertise. The brand is one of the leading clear aligner brands on the market and uses engineered Essix® ACE plastic, which robustly holds its shape, allowing for reliable movements throughout your treatment.

Why Our Patients Love SureSmile® Aligners

SureSmile® aligners are made from industry-leading plastics for aligner fabrication. There are absolutely no metal parts whatsoever, and they are very well-suited to patients who don’t want their normal day-to-day life to become interrupted by the restrictions of a fixed brace.

The benefits include:

  • You can take them out during the treatment period.
  • You can continue to enjoy your normal diet (they are removed for eating).
  • You can brush normally without having to wear them.
  • You have a 2-4 hour window to take them out each day.

SureSmile® aligners are suitable for all kinds of issues relating to the way your teeth sit together in your mouth.

These include:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Underbites and overbites

The SureSmile® Journey, Step-By-Step

Your treatment is fully-customised to meet your individual needs, and the vision we have for your new smile is digitally planned, allowing for extremely predictable outcomes.

  • Consultation
    It all starts with a consultation with Nick. During this appointment, a digital scan is taken to create a model of your teeth. The SureSmile® lab can then create your aligners from this model, replicating an exact mould of your teeth.
  • Your Custom Aligners
    Your aligners are made and sent to us. Each aligner is designed to be worn in a sequence and follow the precise movements your teeth will make on the journey to their final position.
  • Start The Process
    You will wear your aligners each day for several months, until you have the natural-looking smile you’ve always dreamed of having.


How Much Is SureSmile® Treatment?

To view the cost of SureSmile® treatment at NB Dental, please take a look at our fee guide. We can offer interest-free finance to patients who wish to spread the cost of treatment.

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