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As an amalgam-free practice, we offer tooth-coloured, mercury-free white fillings that are completely safe for your oral health.

Your filling will not only protect your tooth but look indistinguishable from your natural tooth shade.

Why Our Patients Love White Fillings

White fillings are free from amalgam, which contains mercury. Without the presence of mercury in your mouth, you will not be at risk of potential health complications related to mercury vapour.

The benefits include:

  • They preserve your natural tooth.
  • They protect your teeth after they have suffered decay or damage.
  • No-one will notice them (they’re tooth-coloured!).
  • They don’t compress and expand when you eat hot and cold foods.
  • They can be fitted in a single appointment.
  • In many cases, no anaesthetic or drilling is necessary.

Long-term Restoration and Preservation

Fillings fortify your teeth, protecting them from needing more involved restorations in the future. We’re passionate about prevention here at NB Dental, which is why we will always encourage you never to miss a routine dentist appointment. Failing to attend every six months could mean tell-tale signs of decay are missed, and complex treatment like root canal therapy is needed. It’s always our aim to help you keep the possibility of needing restorative treatment minimal, so that you can enjoy the benefits having a functional and aesthetic smile can bring.

How Much Are White Fillings?

Take a look at our fee guide to view the cost of white fillings.

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