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Having a whiter and healthier-looking smile is more than just a cosmetic dental treatment – it’s an investment into your emotional wellbeing and your confidence.

Our whitening solutions from the renowned Philips Zoom! brand are suitable for patients looking to whiten up to 6 or 8 shades.

Why Our Patients Love Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening overseen by a dental professional is one of the simplest and most effect cosmetic dental treatments available.

Some of the reasons our patients love the Philips Zoom! brand include:

  • Trusted brand all around the world.
  • Produces long-lasting results.
  • Dentist-supervised, safe whitening.
  • Confidence-boosting treatment (enjoy your smile again!).
  • Feel more confident smiling in social and professional settings.

In-surgery Whitening

For patients looking for an instant sparkle, we recommend in-surgery whitening. For in-surgery whitening, we will use an LED accelerator light to break down the molecular bonds that are causing the staining on your teeth. It works 40% better than non-light activated whitening systems.

At-home Whitening

At-home whitening requires patients to wear custom-fitting whitening trays at home, day, or night (it’s completely up to you). After your whitening consultation is complete, we can create trays that will fit your teeth. You can then take these away and apply the whitening gel we give you, which will gradually whiten your teeth in as little as two weeks. You will notice your smile is visibly whiter within three days of use.

Which Whitening Method Is Right for Me?

In-surgery whitening can render your teeth 8 shades whiter.

It’s ideal if you are looking for:

  • An instantly whiter smile.
  • A treatment to address more sever discolouration
  • Treatment that doesn’t require you to commit to a routine.
  • A fast whitening treatment that takes only 1 hour.

Take-home whitening kits can render your teeth 6 times whiter.

It’s ideal if you are looking for:

  • A more cost-effective alternative to in-chair whitening.
  • A whitening solution for lower levels of discolouration.
  • A treatment that allows for easy at-home maintenance.

How Much Is Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

You can view the cost of our in-surgery and at home whitening on our fee list.

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