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Mouth cancer screening is provided as part of your general check-ups.

However, if you notice any symptoms that might be concerning you, please don’t delay in making an appointment with us.

Look Forward to a Healthy Future

When caught early, mouth cancer is one of the most straightforward cancers to treat. It’s not an overstatement to say that a mouth cancer screening check-up could save your life. You should be attending annual screenings for mouth cancer, just as you would attend a routine screening for prostate cancer or cervical cancer, for example.

It can be particularly difficult to spot symptoms in the depths of your mouth at home, and often, there are no severe symptoms until mouth cancer has advanced. Your dentist here at NB Dental will thoroughly examine your mouth and the soft tissues within it, to check for symptoms such as changes to the colour of soft tissues, abnormal ulcers and bleeding, tenderness in the mouth, numbness and pain, and lumps and bumps.

Safe, Comfortable and State-of-the-art Setting

We appreciate that having a general check-up and being screened for mouth cancer can be a really challenging experience for anxious patients. Our small, caring team is made up of dental professionals who want to make you feel completely at east, whether this is achieved by talking things through with you prior to your check-up, or using sedation dentistry to help you relax.

Our state-of-the-art practice is also equipped with technology that streamlines your entire experience, making coming in to see the dentist a pleasant experience.

Next Steps for Healthy Living

In the majority of cases, your symptoms will be caused by something other than cancer. However, we may refer you on for further tests to rule it out.

If you have high risk factors for mouth cancer, this is something we can discuss with you, to help reduce your susceptibility to the disease. Once we know a bit about your lifestyle and medical background, a plan can be implemented with a view to lowering your risk.

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