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We have invested in the latest digital technology to improve the experience and accuracy of our treatment.

Introducing Primescan

Primescan is the latest technology from Dentsply Sirona, offering patients the convenience of high-quality restorations and a modern treatment in a single visit. No impression trays and fewer visits. Intraoral scanners make impression-taking easier, more intuitive, and ergonomic than ever before. The precise 3D models in natural colours enable you to better understand your options.

A digital scan of your mouth is taken using multiple high-resolution videos, this is compiled into a 3D file that can be stored for future reference, send directly to the lab or used in our planning software, enabling us to plan your case more accurately and quickly.

By eliminating the discomfort of a conventional impression, we can improve patient comfort with shorter visits and faster results. Streamlined processing means faster turnaround times, so ending the treatment can commence at an earlier date. The positive impact on planning and impression-taking does not end there.

An excellent scan is just the beginning.

  • Take and label digital models quickly and simply for archiving purposes.
  • Predictably reproducible results.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming need to create and send physical impressions.
  • SCAN – Primescan allows for scanning of any type of tooth and implant. During the acquisition phase, all necessary data is collected with a fast and simple scan of the lower jaw, upper jaw, and registering your bite.
  • CHECK – Digital impression models have the advantage that you can assess quality right there on the screen. We can just rescan the areas we need to, avoiding further visits for new impressions.
  • SEND – Small file size allows for 3D models to be uploaded quickly. The case can be sent directly to our dental laboratory for manufacturing. These images can then be stored as part of your records and used in the future if needed.

Introducing CBCT

Cone beam computer topography (CBCT) is a similar technology used in hospital CT scanners. The technology has been refined to provide lower doses and more accurate images of your teeth and jaws. We have on site a state-of-the-art CBCT scanner, this can provide us with 2D and 3D images to enable us to diagnose your condition and plan the treatment. Imperative with implant treatment.

Our CBCT machine also has the capability to take extraoral bitewing radiographs. If you find standard intra oral x-rays too difficult to tolerate, some patients may find this an easier alternative.

A full mouth scan takes around 15-20 seconds and does not require anything in your mouth.

Our intraoral x-rays are now all digital, reducing the dose whilst increasing the quality of the image, these have the big advantage they are instant and can be viewed with you at your consultation.

Speak to us today about digital dentistry.

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