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Combining the power of three elements, the AirFlow® Tooth Polishing method meticulously cleans the most hard-to-reach parts of the mouth.

This gentle process is a supplementary clean, which can be performed after your routine scale and polish.

Why Our Patients Love AirFlow® Tooth Polishing

AirFlow® is a state-of-the-art mode of cleaning that uses a mixture of jet water, compressed air and sodium bicarbonate. It can be likened to how you take your car in for a jet wash – except in this instance, it’s your teeth!

The benefits include:

  • It’s gentle on your teeth.
  • It leaves your teeth looking polished and completely plaque and tartar-free.
  • It works meticulously to remove stubborn staining.
  • It can reach into periodontal pockets, reaching plaque that’s under the gum line.

If you have high risk factors for gum disease, we strongly recommend opting for AirFlow® after your routine scale and polish. Patients who have excess plaque and tartar due to lifestyle and medical reasons can benefit hugely from Airflow, which helps to reduce the progression of gum disease-related symptoms.

This completely non-invasive cleaning is even suitable for patients with tooth sensitivity. It’s always great to see how surprised patients are at just how easy it is to have done, and how fast it works to remove stains.

In The Hands of Experienced Professionals

Our experienced hygienist Lisa has worked with patient with a variety of needs, from treating the onset and prevention of gingivitis, to tackling advanced periodontitis that has resulted in tooth loss. She provides AirFlow® Tooth Polishing both as a cosmetic treatment for patients who want to see that extra bit of sparkle on their teeth.

How Much Is AirFlow® Tooth Polishing?

Take a look at our fee list to view the cost of Airflow at NB Dental.

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